Ovega DIY Hobbyhorse Body size '''Foal''

Start Crafting !

How far done do you want your hobbyhorse body?

Want to start making hobbyhorses but need a small helping hand?

Here at Ovega we have ''Hobbyhorse Bodies'' this is a halfway done hobbyhorse where i make some of it for you to finish it yourself.

Note; When you finish this horse you can NOT sell it as a ''Ovega'' horse. You need to mention that the specific horse is not fully made by me. You also wont have the Ovega logo inside + on the outside of the horse.

At the form when you scroll down you'll have ''stage'' and this means how far the horse already is.

We also sell all the products to finish the horse.

Ovega Wool

Ovega Pastels

Ovega felt

Ovega sewing materials