Ovega Halter realistic black

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Realistisch hobbyhorse halster uit stevig en dik polypropyleen.

Ook te gebruiken bij een klein paard, zoals shetlander of mini paard !

Gebruik dit halster om je hobbyhorse te begeleiden naar de paddock, op stal of gewoon tijdens een wandeling.

When you walk the hobby horse to the paddock, to the stable or just in the nature you will need a halter. Depending on the mood and occasion, you may want to vary the color of the halter. If you are going to have a party with friends maybe a cool orange halter is what you choose.

These hobby horse halters are handmade of polypropylene in four different colors and the metal-pieces are silver colored. All parts are made in EU. This halter also fits a mini horse like falabella.

Colors available:

Pink, orange, red, black.